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About HealthyEarthling

My Story


I call myself a nerdy health-nut; fascinated with the earth, the planets, and all things human and philosophical.  A straight forward person, complex and quirky in a good way, I'm always looking to bring meaning into my life beyond the material and superficial. I live in Atlanta, Georgia and like many here, I’m not from Atlanta - just live here… for the time being.   I’ve had a love of healthful being and living since I was a teenager

Hello Fellow Earthling,


Welcome to my site. I'm so happy you've come to visit. My name is Candace. I'm the owner and creator of HealthyEarthling. 


We face a myriad of challenges on our planet and in our personal lives that don't seem easily solvable. But the wonder of being human, the vastness of knowledge to be explored, the continued mysteries of our universe, all call us to keep moving positively forward in anticipation of good things. The challenges we face with their amazing possibilities for bringing growth, meaning, and joy into our lives, compel us to gain clarity about who we are, what we desire, and what our value is to the world.


HealthyEarthling is dedicated to helping you evolve into your healthiest and best self ever, and to helping you realize your unique value to the world.


Take a look at my coaching programs Perhaps it's time for you to take a risk and stretch beyond your current experience. Gain a new perspective as to what your life can be like, by maximizing your potential, and stepping healthy and whole into your personal brilliance.