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I call myself a nerdy health-nut; fascinated with the earth, the planets, and all things human and philosophical.  A straight forward person, complex  and quirky in a good way, I'm always looking to bring meaning into my life beyond the material and superficial. I live in Atlanta, Georgia and like many here, I’m not from Atlanta - just live here… for the time being.   I’ve had a love of healthful being and living since I was a teenager and have learned the skills of staying healthy and fit.


My decision to create this website and blog was born out of  personal struggle. For a number of years, I had felt a discontentment with my life because from my perspective I was not accomplishing much, not living up to my potential and not being of any real service to my fellow human beings (earthlings). I didn’t feel useless or unimportant, just not particularly useful or contributing.


Every day for years I wasted so much time watching movies, so much time doing anything that would distract me from this nagging feeling of not living up to my potential.


But my biggest life-changing “derailment”  came in 2012 when I got engaged to be married, quit my cushy construction management job and picked up my life and moved from California to Cape Cod, Mass. And then six months later having again to pick up my life and move back to California…..well let’s just say, I was certainly derailed in every way possible…emotionally, financially, purposefully, circumstantially, etc. I spent the next two years just kind of floundering around wishing my life were different.


All the time in the back of my mind I knew I wanted to do something worthwhile, something I was passionate about. I knew a decision to go headlong into this blogging endeavor would be life-changing if I were to ever commit to it.


My “derailment” with my move to Mass. had actually reduced my lifestyle to a minimalist state. This was a good thing and a better place from which to take the plunge to re-define my life on my own terms. My close to twenty years working in construction management…. the ultimate in planning, collaboration, support, and accountability had given me much experience in working with others to facilitate a mutual outcome. It allowed me time to mature and grow in ways that boosted my confidence. I bring this skill to my transformational health coaching technique so my clients realize a personal blueprint for their health journey, and experience a new level of depth, harmony, and satisfaction in all areas of their life.  To my friends and colleagues, and especially my cousin, Bryan Williams, thank you all for continually urging me to follow my passion.     


I am a Certified Health Coach, but also a regular person who has learned the skills of staying healthy. Creating a healthy body and mind are skills to be learned, practiced and mastered. You learn, make mistakes, put in the effort, test, learn more, practice, and accomplish. You understand what makes your body function optimally for your greatest sense of health and well-being. Healthy becomes not only your lifestyle but an essential element of who you are. My certification in the Transformational style of health coaching has given me the knowledge and experience of working with a person to uncover and conquer their limiting beliefs, mindsets, and habit obstacles that have prevented or thwarted success. As I continue to learn and grow in the knowledge and experience of living a whole-hearted healthy lifestyle it is my desire to share what I know with others and to help them as well live a healthy life of abundance.

My Story

Dorothy Ruth and Grandma Candy

Gabriel and grand-daughter Dorothy Ruth