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Living Organically

May 7, 2017

Living Organically 

…As a growing entity.

What does it mean to live organically? It means to live in harmony with oneself: all of our elemental parts working together to make up the whole of who we are and who we are becoming. This means we deserve to live as our most authentic selves, and without apology... no matter who we are, what we do, or what station in life we find ourselves.


There is a lot of talk these days about living on one’s own terms, and some people are scrapping society's template of success and foraging a path of their own.  They've left their corporate jobs, or not so corporate jobs, gotten off the hamster wheel and are redefining work and success in ways that make them feel more aligned with their core being. Re-claiming one's life from "making a living" is not always easy, and whether we work from home for ourselves, or punch a clock, there is a lot we can do to feel in control of running the show and living more in harmony with ourselves. Consider the following principles to help define your own path to living organically.


You live with:

Intention. You have a purpose for your being. It doesn’t have to be dictated by any conventional or religious belief, but it is an understanding about yourself that requires the dedication of your whole being  toward an ultimate pursuit. You have clarity regarding your passions, your dreams and what you want to accomplish. It is this motion of intention that drives your authentic expression and allows your dreams to come to fruition.


Self Respect. You own responsibility for growing and shaping your life, and for creating your own happiness.  Surrendering your authenticity for the sake of getting along or being liked is not an option. Instead you are clear, transparent, and truthful in tandem with wisdom and kindness. You do not rely on the opinions of others to boost your self-esteem nor are you deflated  when you are criticized. You know there is always more…. more to do, see, gain, accomplish. But these things don’t matter, because the ‘more of’ is not a measurement of your success or failure. You realize being you, being true to yourself, and living in awareness of the amazing life you possess is everything already. So even though you strive to achieve, you are at all times content. You respect the earthly human you are – a breathing, touching, feeling, experiencing, energized entity , and in this moment, this here and now is all and everything.



Deliberateness. Taking pause to reflect before acting. You live in awareness of your desires and in harmony with what gives you fulfillment.  You are careful to what you commit yourself. You ask: Is this what I want? Will this move me closer to what I want to accomplish? You plan your down time which means you've planned your up time. Living deliberately puts you in touch with your  creative capacity – this is where the lines between work and play become blurred.

Focus. Engaged fully in the challenge that is taking you toward your desired accomplishment. You are fully aware of the details of the present endeavor and how it fits into your overall plan. You go the extra mile and make decided effort to stay your course until you accomplish the task at hand.


Honoring your Space. You figure out what it is that makes a happier, healthier you and allow room in your life for what you truly desire. Your background noise of “stuff” is at a minimal so you are open to opportunities for change and growth because you are quiet enough to notice them.

A Transcending Spirit. You find a place to rise above it all and gain perspective.  This may be meditation, prayer, walking in nature or even riding your bike... whatever it is that centers you.  You seek balance and see wholly. You know that sometimes doing nothing is doing everything. 

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