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Finding Quiet Amidst the Busy

May 9, 2017

Finding Quiet Amidst the Busy


I like to think of quietness as spaces of time long or short that bring us good will and perspective. Quietness is an entity  that can connect us to our personal essence, to others  and to the world.


Quietness many times gives us a certain sensitivity, as it often allows reflection upon what is most important and special about being human, and when it comes you know it. Where do you find your quiet spaces? 


Sometimes quietness brings a welcome sound. Take a moment to contemplate:

Years ago I worked on the 4th floor of a building on a very busy university campus in a very congested and rapidly moving city. As I and my fellow office workers were absorbed in the challenges of our construction management responsibilities, all of a sudden in the middle of that particular afternoon the words from the song “What the World Needs Now is Love Sweet Love” was heard wafting through the campus and up into our 4th floor work space. Everyone's work came to an immediate and abrupt halt;  some of us went to the windows to see from where this lovely moment of sound was coming. We looked at each other with delight. We all felt so beautiful in that moment. We had been given the awesome privilege of taking pause to contemplate something very wonderful. A brief moment of quietness was given to us where we reconnected with ourselves, one another and the world.

It’s important to give ourselves opportunities for quietness.


Perhaps a walk in the sunshine, being grateful for a time alone, a time to walk, a time to smile at a passerby.


Perhaps a compliment given to a co-worker. You stop, you take time to notice. You take time to think of someone else.


Perhaps at night when you lay down, you take time to think about all the things you are happy about, all the good things that are presently in your life.


During an evening at home you are able to watch the movement and presence of your children or your husband or wife… without judgment, without demand or expectation. You are able to celebrate quietly in your mind your privilege of knowing them.

Where can you find quiet amidst the busy?


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