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September 25, 2017


"Treat everything you do as your art, as if your life is your greatest masterpiece" … a beautiful quotation from Jonathan Mead of Paid to Exist.


I absolutely love this quote. The words in this quote tell me I am worth something. I am worth being wonderful and grand and beautiful. I am worth treating my body in a way that makes me look and feel fantastic and that I am worth accepting and loving myself.


"Treat everything you do as your art".

If you've ever created something and all of us have, whether a poem, an essay, a recipe, a drawing, or a sculpture, we took pride in that creation. Every day we worked on it, tweaking it here and there, changing this little piece or that little shade of color, until we got it just right. We felt we had something to give, to show, to offer the world.


When we view our life as our greatest masterpiece we begin taking control of it, fashioning it, tweaking it. We start appreciating our capacities as a human being, understanding our humanity, our individuality, and the part we play as a collective whole. We start putting deliberate effort into understanding, making, and often, creating the better choice. We might start eating better - deciding on an apple instead of a bag of chips or drinking water instead of soda. We might decide to do some writing instead of watching TV. 


When we view our life as our greatest masterpiece we might quit the negative self-talk... stop telling ourselves how unattractive we are, or how stupid we are, or how we can’t do something.  We might start moving toward perfecting some of our talents, reaching out to others or embarking on a new career. Getting clear and moving your life toward an expected outcome can suddenly become a priority.


A masterpiece is about value…. But the real value is in the artist. You are the master artist of your life.


If you're reading the article, perhaps you've embarked upon or are thinking about embarking upon a journey to become a healthier or more authentic person. Somewhere inside you felt you were worth the effort in bettering yourself. In some small or maybe in a large way, you have embraced your value. You know you have something to create, to become, to give… something for the world to see. What is the value you have? What is your vision of expressing your value? Who will your value impact? Why is the masterpiece of you, important to the world?


Assignment: Anytime, like right now perhaps, is a great time to start a journal. You can begin by writing your answer to these two questions:

  • What exactly is my value?

  • Why is it important to the world?

The reason I included this "Value" assignment is because I want you to have good success with whatever you do toward becoming your healthiest and best self. It’s starts with appreciating your value as an individual. You are the master artist of your life.


We do not do things in a vacuum. Everything has a cause and effect, and everything is interconnected. The way you do anything (eating, working, playing, etc.) is the way you do everything, and everything becomes the artistry of your life.


We all have a sphere of influence and impact. For some it is very wide and expansive, for some it appears very small, but then we all know the rippling effect of a stone thrown in a pond.


Own your value and let it empower you. Let it empower you to become your healthiest self and let it inspire you towards your greatest masterpiece - the masterpiece of you!


I'm a certified transformational health coach with a holistic approach toward lifestyle change. If you'd like guidance towards becoming the Master Artist of your life, I offer a complimentary discovery session. In this session we uncover what's been stopping you, slowing you down, or preventing you from meeting you self-care goals or living the life you desire. For more information or to book online click here. I promise you a great take-away.





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