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Success Stories!


I began this journey with Candace in her Art of Change program with the expectation that I would improve my physical health and lose weight. What I have gained is much more…Candace helped me find the path to honoring and taking care of all of me. Candace has a calm, shame-free way of coaching you to envision your best self. Then she takes you through the process; step by step. The encouragement and practical tools she provides has inspired me to not give up on becoming my true self… the person I am created to be.

– Angela R.



Encouragement and accountability. Knowledge of when to apply each to help me achieve my goals are two key skills of Candace Williams. Candace has the knowledge, (from her deep reading and experience) to help me master skills optimizing paths allowing me to achieve outcomes in health and fitness, I would not have been able to achieve alone. Candace accomplishes this in an environment of positive reinforcement, depending on facts, studies and experience. She has the ability to get results. Results we’ve both agreed to and mapped out. For these reasons, and many others, I encourage people to both work with her and contact me for additional detailed reasons as to why. 470-529-6930

– Keith J.



My working with Candace as my coach has been a very enlightening experience. I have clearly understood how to adjust my thinking and behavior. One of the most rewarding experiences was when it became clear to me the importance of attaching desired behavior with the pleasure center in my brain. As she guided me through the mental rehearsal, I experienced a deep awareness of a power that I possessed to enjoy new behaviors without stress. Thank you Candace Williams for the time you gave me, your non-judgmental spirit, your leadership, guidance and insight that has been so helpful for my life.

– Rick M.



Iwas a bit skeptical when I began the course with my health coach, Candace Williams. I was surprised to find after each session that I felt more and more confident that I was on my way to a new healthy life. The things I was learning were having a big impact on my perspective and attitude. Positive optimism slowly took over and though consistent life style change was slow to incorporate, it did happen. As Long as I did not give up I knew the information I was being given would make a difference. My health began to improve. I began to lose weight and my blood pressure lowered. My sweet cravings and munchie cravings went away. I began to enjoy real food (fruits & veggies) more and more. Now self control is expected as the norm for me! I can walk by the baked goods section of the grocery store and resist buying any of the sugary items.

-Gregory W.