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"Older but Younger"  How to be Fierce and Fabulous After 50 

Older but Younger focuses on people who are entering the second half or last 3rd of their life and want to make it their healthiest and best. We take a look at the principles of health that help a person reach and maintain their ideal weight, repair and heal their body, and prevent lifestyle disease. This presentation also explores the importance of maintaining the intimate connection with others that is so vital to health as a person ages.



“A Calorie is Not Just a Calorie” – The Benefit of Nutrient Dense Foods 

We’ve been told it’s all about calories in and calories out….But hold up!... A calorie is not just a calorie. Here we explore the concept of nutrient density. We look at the importance of eating nutrient dense foods and understand why it is the all-encompassing solution to a vast number of the most common health concerns.            



“The Sweet Solution” How to Kick your Sugar Addiction

Do you have the “I can’t stay away from sweets” blues? In this presentation we talk about how sugar is metabolized and why we crave it. We explore simple techniques on how to get a handle on the sugar habit. The presentation includes a sampling of some really good and really healthy sweets, and recipes to go with.





Presentations vary from 30 to 55 minutes and are in a Power Point format.

All are for a limited time free of charge to attendees.

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 Create Your Life Vision-Board Workshop

We are always becoming what we are most thinking about. What we dwell upon expands. What we appreciate, appreciates. The brain gets trained to create the outcomes we contemplate most. So the key is to get crystal clear as to what it is we truly desire for ourselves in every area of life.  

As one of my health coaching services I host Vision-Board Workshops. Being a participant in a vision-board workshop is an opportunity for a person to focus on what they really want their life to look like, say a year, 2 years, or even 5 years from now. It allows for time to focus on your most authentic life and your ideal outcomes. You can get where you're going if you know where you want to go.

What is Vision-Boarding?

Vision-Boarding is about consciously and subconsciously creating space for your most desired dreams to come into fruition. It is about working with the laws of the mind to allow every fiber of your being to move in the direction of becoming your most authentic self, and experience the fullness of your potential  as your behaviors become more and more aligned with your deepest desires.

How it Works

  • Making a vision board helps your brain create the life you desire.

  • When you make one you get clear on what it is you really want to create in your life.

  • Once you get clarity you select images and words from magazines, [that reflect these clear outcomes] and paste them onto a poster board.

  • Seeing this board each day aligns your brain with the outcomes you most desire and you begin to act in alignment with those desires.

  • A workshop allows time for deep clarity work. We get to be quiet and listen to ourselves. We allow ourselves to awaken, embrace, align, and grow. We get to connect and share with others.

What Vision-Boarding Is Not

  • Fantasizing and sitting, waiting for success to happen - The first step always towards success is obtaining clarity.

  • Saying good-bye to challenges and uncertainties -  Not a chance…We learn to embrace them as the things that allow us to grow and thrive.

  • Living in a dream world of wishing and hoping – Does no good without action…A Vision Board keeps your deepest desires and goals daily before you so you are consciously and subconsciously motivated to organize, plan, and act for the outcomes you want to realize.

.Give Yourself Permission...

  • To honor, trust and appreciate yourself more

  • Own your life, your decisions, your contentment

  • To take bold action steps toward your dreams

If your organization would like Candace to host a Create Your Life Vision-Board Workshop for your next event Contact Candace here or call 707-592-4586

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